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Why functional medicine?  Are you struggling with unresolved health issues that have either been difficult to diagnose or have been unresolved completely with western medicine?  If so, maybe it's time for a different approach.  Functional medicine differs from western medicine because it is a system based approach vs. a symtom based approach. Functional medicine focuses on supporting a healthy gut, balancing hormones, supplying the body with abundant nutrition through a proper diet and supplementation when appropriate, and removing toxins.  Rather than simply covering up your symptoms, functional medicine looks to support the body so that it can heal itself from the inside out.


Is our approach right for you?

1. Are you highly motivated to improve your health?

2. Are you willing to make dietary changes?

3. Are you willing to get get the necessary lab tests to see what is going on inside your body?

4. Are you willing to stick with a recommended customized supplement regimen?

If you answered yes to these questions you may be a good fit for what we do.


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